Building Site Application

Building Site Application

From the residential buildings, to the construction of office buildings or other commercial buildings, construction of tunnels in Yiyi, construction of bridges and airports, etc., equipments are required to be used under conditions of hot heat and high powder. Fidelity Mobile is designed to meet this need. The high horsepower engine provides excess power to adapt to the harshest conditions. The large-capacity fuel tank satisfies the need for continuous operation even in 100% full-load operation under one work shift. The configuration of the large area cooler and exhaust fan ensures that the equipment works normally under ultra-high temperature conditions. Compressor electronic control unit + electronic fuel injection diesel engine, making the device easy to operate, the device responds faster, more efficient, and guarantees stability without pressure drop productivity.


Application Example: Fidelity Mobile Machines can provide driving force for on-site construction equipment for pneumatic rock drills, cutting boards, drainage pumps and walk-behind breakers. These engineering equipment are suitable for housing construction and road construction, as well as foundation and subgrade excavation and construction, and stable slopes.


Recommended models:


LUY120-7, LUY135D-13, LUY130D-7, LUY130D-10, LUY140-14.LUY150-15, LUY160-17, LUY238D-14, LUY280D-8.5, LUY050-7


Working pressure: 7-17bar (100-250psi)


Air flow range: 5-28m3/min (176-988cfm)


Max. ambient temperature:50°C (122°F)