Utility and Sand blast

For large sandblasting projects in shipyards or structural industries, sophisticated equipment is essential. Sandblasting on the hull surface or other large-area metal surfaces requires large volumes of flow, providing equipment that can take longer than other applications. Fidelity's full range of mobile products can fully meet this demand, can be adjusted to the application of different sizes of nozzles, large-capacity diesel tank can provide longer and uninterrupted operation. Fidelity products are equipped with an aftercooler that can cope with the higher temperature and temperature requirements of dry ice blasting, providing cooler, cooler compressed air.


Application example: Fidelity mobile machine is suitable for sandblasting, and it is used to complete the spraying of various abrasives in the surface preparation of the equipment industry, so as to achieve the purpose of removing rust, scale, paint, and smooth and shape any material or the surface of the object. Therefore, mobile machines are often used in shipyards, steel mills or other workplaces that require refurbishment.


Recommended models:


LUY100-10, LUY100-12, LUY120-7, LUY250-12, LUY270-10, LUY200-10, LUY220-8


Working pressure: 7-10bar (100-250psi)


Air flow range: 10-27m3/min (350-953cfm)


Max. ambient temperature: 50°C (122°F)