High-pressure air drilling

High-pressure air portable compressors can drive water wells or rock drills. Both drilling wells and geothermal drilling require drilling of deep holes. Liutech High-pressure portable compressor is good choice. Multiple pressure and temperature sensors are set in the unit to monitor relevant parameters, and a reasonable fuel injection quantity is calculated and executed by the engine ECU and controller, and gas production and high air pressure are accurately guaranteed always to ensure that the drilling rig can have high penetration capacity. The higher the pressure, the faster the speed, while the high flow rate ensures the formation of a large hole diameter. In the long-term high temperature test, Fidelity equipment maintains a consistent and stable performance, providing reliable, unreduced, and constant productivity.


Application examples: Fidelity's full range is suitable for DTH and rotary drills, offering an ideal aperture range of work from 4.5 to 8 inches. Common applications include the use of wells, foundations for high-rise buildings, and geothermal and geological applications.




Recommended models:




Working pressure: 30-34bar290-495psi


Air flow range: 18-40m³/min(345 to 1412cfm)


Max. ambient temperature: 50°C