Standard air-end Overhaul/Exchange

When the air compressor air-end takes too long, the following problems may occur:


Bearing wear


excessive meshing clearance


oil is not smooth


Vibration and operating noise are too large


The cause of the problem is that long-term operation at high loads and temperatures will inevitably result in mechanical wear and fatigue. If you do not perform timely inspections and repairs, you may face many problems:


The rotor is abnormally rubbed and shaken


Reduced operating reliability


Reduced efficiency and increased energy consumption


Sudden damage, completely affecting production


Avoid sudden death and start with preventative maintenance!


Fidelity recommends that you contact the local Fidelity Service Center promptly after using it for many years. Professional service personnel will conduct thorough inspection and diagnosis of your compressor. At present, Fidelity’s joint Atlas Copco brand has established an air-end service center in China. The air-end service center will be solely responsible for maintenance and replacement services of the injection screw air-end in China, combined with strong warehousing and logistics support, to provide you with professional and prompt service.


Original parts to ensure quality!


Unlike some small maintenance companies in the market, Fidelity insists on using original parts. All the parts we use for mainframe maintenance are identical to those used on the Atlas Copco mainframe production line in Belgium. Among them, the bearing is an aerospace precision bearing developed for the high load and high temperature environment characteristics of the air compressor and has excellent performance that cannot be replaced. This not only ensures that the maintenance of the air-end can achieve extremely high reliability, but also can ensure the overall operating efficiency and avoid the increase in energy costs and operating costs after maintenance.


In addition, to ensure the accuracy of installation and the reliability of the air-end, Fidelity's mainframe maintenance parts will not be sold in the market through any channels. All component replacements will be performed by professional engineers at the service center.


Professional repair process, detailed technical specifications


Disintegration and cleaning


meshing check, screw grinding


Bearing installation and final assembly


Gap, fine-tune


Balance check


shell paint


Air-end Maintenance Service Comparison


Please do not allow non-authorized personnel to repair the rotor, so as not to bring you losses and seriously affect the production!