Our Culture

1. Quality guidelines and Business reputation

“Excellence in performance, Excellence in Quality” is quality guidelines of Liutech, we respect quality as to people, must protect firmly. Wherever we operate, business reputation is our most important treasure. It guides us how to do, every Liutech employees follow business integrity and protect company reputation.

2. Training is benefit

Teaching one to fish is better than giving him fish. Liutech provide employees good trainings then to provide them good salary. Company pay international or high-level trainer / third party to train employees, as special benefit and gift, it is good benefit for their future.

3. Humanization

Liutech follow Humanization policy in business activities. We respect human rights, and provide safety and health working condition. We follow fair and diversification policy. For job condition, all recruitment and promotion are based on job qualification, no matter what gender, age, nationality, religion, disability.


4. Environmental protection principle

We recognize that when we are committed to the success of wealth, we must consider the economic, environmental and social impact of our business operations. We abide by the business methods of protecting the environment for future generations. The goal of Liuzhou Fidelity is to become a leader in environmental protection in the field of product and service applications.

5. Core values

The concepts of “interaction,” “commitment,” and “innovation” shape our past, create our present, and guide our future. Our core values embody the Group’s competitive advantage and help us stay ahead in a rapidly changing environment. “interaction,” we constantly understand the diverse needs of other stakeholders and can also create new and better solutions based on what we understand in this interactive process. “Commitment” means that we will devote ourselves wholeheartedly to seeking the best solutions we can provide. Just as we are fully committed to our goals, we are also committed to fulfilling our commitment to our employees and to increasing the business value of our customers. There is always room for improvement in any work. This "innovation" spirit is an important part of the company's characteristics and an important part of our business operations. It is also the driving force that makes us a leader in the industry, and innovation is the ultimate driving force for long-term profit and growth.